About Us

Who we are

Safer Business Network is a Community Interest Company, which coordinates and administers several award winning business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs) across some of London most challenging and diverse boroughs. Our BCRPs are private membership schemes which bring businesses together, with the police, council and other interested stakeholders to reduce crime, violence and anti-social behaviour that have negative impacts on profitability of businesses and the ‘look and feel’ of town centre environments.


Safer Business Network is the leading BCRP in the capital, reaching over 2000 businesses with our key alerts and messages. Endorsed as best practice in the MOPAC Crime & Policing plan 2017-21, we represent businesses ranging in scale from small independents to globally recognised brands in both the daytime and night time economies.


By placing ourselves at the forefront of business crime, as offer our members the tools and equipment you need to prevent crime and disorder in and around your business, allowing it to flourish.


By joining the BCRP, you have direct access to a state-of-the-art digital radio network and UK GDPR compliant secure website and app which provides you up-to-date images of offenders operating in your area and crime trends. Each BCRP has its own team of expert staff who address the needs of the business community and offer a point of contact for business crime matters.


Safer Business Network is an award winning BCRP, recognised by the MPS ad City of London as best practice, and is the largest in the capital. In 2019 we became successfully accredited by the NABCP to the Business Crime National Standards.


At a time of reduced resources and increasing demands on Police Service, our BCRP has an even more important role to play in preventing crime and connecting business for a safer London.

Our Objectives

  • To represent business interests at a local and strategic level. 

  • To prevent and ‘design out’ business crime and anti-social behaviour by reducing the opportunity to commit crime through practical measures.

  • To increase crime reporting amongst businesses.

  • To facilitate actionable intelligence and information sharing between businesses, policing teams and local authority.

  • To improve policing confidence within business communities, listen to local concerns and devote resources accordingly.

  • To establish local crime partnership as an integral part of the community safety strategy, improving collaboration between members of the business community, the MPS and local authorities.

Our vision

Reduce crime in central London by connecting business together, and supporting them with the tools and knowledge to prevent crime and disorder which impacts them, their customers and the communities they operate in.