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This training package aims to look holistically how to effectively run the front doorof your venue. We aim to ensure that your operations team don't just know, but understand, the importance of the policies and procedures that are there to keep your staff, customers and the public safe.

Class Size       

Up to 20

Please note that there will be a charge for every learner over the upper limit.


Up to 20

Please allow 15 minutes at the start and end of the session for arrivals and evaluation.


  • Fact Sheet

  • Log

Learning Objectives          


At the end of this session you will be able to:


  • Explore why it is important to have entry policies within venues and at events

  • Understand how and when to refuse admission to venues and events

  • Apply general best practice guidance relating to entry policies

  • Identify early intervention methods to increase safety at events

  • Confidently manage queue control

  • Explore the importance of perimeter checks and how to conduct them

  • Identify correct ways of using search arches and search wands

  • Explore correct procedures for checking ID and using ID scanners

  • Explore methods of conducting bag and body searches

  • Identify potential prohibited items and ways in which you can deal with them

  • Recognise the importance of exit searching

Who should attend?


This course is designed for managers, operations staff and security working with a safety and security remit.

Delivery Method


This is an interactive training session based around facilitated group discussions using the course content and the candidate’s knowledge and experience to deal with the learning objectives.

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