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'What's the Point?' - The Value of Teamwork

Our team currently works with business communities across eleven London boroughs, with a wide range of organisations spanning UK-wide. This extensive network allows us to collect and share information on offenders that may offend pan-London and provide police with detailed intelligence to ensure offenders are held accountable for all of their ‘low-level’ criminal behaviour that may otherwise go unreported.

Our work in Bromley supports YourBromley BID in managing intelligence from the business community and identifying offenders who may be known to police in other areas. Two ID-Sought subjects who had previously been reported to the Bromley Businesses Against Crime DISC site were recently identified by name by a member of one of our supporting security organisations; although the member had not observed them committing shoplifting offences in Bromley businesses, both subjects are well known to offend in neighbouring areas such as Etham, Bexleyheath and Orpington.

By building connections across London, both within boroughs in which we run BCRPs and in surrounding areas, we are able to collect far more detailed intelligence to submit to the police and aid in their enforcement work – every individual we identify as a prolific offender is one more case file that can lead to arrests, police and court injunctions, and ensuring they do not have the opportunity to affect London’s business communities with their criminal behaviour.

Our Bromley Businesses Against Crime Manager, Alessandra, said: 'Businesses are really starting to see how powerful intel sharing is and how much is achievable by working together. They feel empowered by knowing that their intel will be actioned and their concerns taken seriously.'

To answer the titular question – ‘what’s the point of what we do?’ – well, teamwork is the secret to a safe, amalgamated and happy community.

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