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WAVE rolled out further into London

This week alone we have delivered WAVE Training which includes AskforAngel to over 250 people. So many venues putting tackling vulnerability front and centre of what they do.

By training your staff in WAVE and implementing Ask for Angela you can play a role in helping to prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability within the night-time economy and beyond

The WAVE Programme consists of two strands of work:

WAVE Training

A training session which aims to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of those working in licensed premises focusing on identifying vulnerability and making appropriate interventions.

Ask for Angela Scheme

A consumer facing campaign which allows people who feel like they are in an unsafe situation to ask for help using the “Angela” code word, informing a staff member of their need, and allowing them to access discreet help.

To find out how you can train your staff and secuirty get in touch

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