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Taking a stand against workplace violence

The BRC 2020 Retail Crime Survey showed that over 400 retail workers face violence and abuse in the workplace every day. These incidents are often the result of challenging shoplifters, enforcing age restricted sales and recently, implementing coronavirus safety measures. Against this backdrop, retailers are spending a record £1.2 billion on crime prevention measures to keep their colleagues safe, but we need Parliament to act too.

This figure is horrifying, and locally our BCRPs will do everything we can to support our members to reduce this including access to a town link radio to share fast time information with businesses on offenders, a banning scheme to exclude the most prolific and violent individuals, and free training and support. Safer Business Network has been running a series of Free Wednesday Webinars for our members during the health crisis, and we are proud to be partnering with Assist Services Group on Wednesday 2nd December to explore conflict management and techniques to reduce. The webinar will cover:

●    Recognition of a potential conflict situation

●    Managing the conflict situation and

●    Post incident management

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