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Safer Sounds launches nightclub report at crucial time for the sector.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Throughout the last six 6 months the Safer Sounds Partnership, part of the Safer Business Network, has been consulting with the nightclub sector on reopening. The results of the consultation has informed a report on the re-opening of London’s nightclubs which contains critical issues flagged-up by owners and operators.

The Safer Sounds Partnership held a London Nightclub Reopening Roundtable event earlier in the year with over 170 people in attendance, including over 130 owners and operators representing a range of venues from independent nightclubs to national operators with multiple venues.

The report highlights a range of issues facing the sector, and has several key findings including:

  • Delaying of the planned reopening on 21 June will require further financial support from the government, otherwise venues are at risk permanent closure.

  • Guidance on how nightclubs should operate in a COVID safe way needs to be available now so venues can study it and adapt.

  • Customer safety and welfare remains a key focus of venues, the Police and Local Authorities

  • Whilst many landlords have negotiated on rents repayments, they cannot hold off debt collection much longer. Substantial debts to landlords and suppliers will not be serviceable for many venues and some will need further government financial support to survive.

  • Recruitment of staff, especially security, will be challenging as many people have moved on to roles in other sectors

  • There is good partnership working taking place between the police and local authorities.

Amy Lamé, Night Czar for London said:

“Nightclubs are much loved part of UK cultural life. On 21 June, they will have been unable to do business for 454 consecutive days. This new report from the Safer Sounds Partnership shows that nightclubs have built up huge debts to make it through the pandemic. If they cannot reopen on 21 June, nightclubs will need urgent financial support from the government if they are to survive. It is vital that we protect our nightclubs not just to go clubbing again, but to ensure London continues to attract students, workers, tourism and investment from around the globe.”

Phillipe Chiarella, Programme Manager for Safer Sounds said:

“Since March 2020, Safer Sounds has supported licensed premises on getting through the pandemic, reopening and continuing to operate in the world we now live in. This report comes as a timely reminder of the unique issues that affect the nightclub sector, bringing those issues into sharp focus at a time when sector reopening may be delayed. We would like to encourage operators, local authorities and the police to read this report and use it to inform their reopening plans and as ever we remain here to support them all through the reopening through partnership working.”

The London Nightclub Roundtable Reopening Report is available to download at or by clicking


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