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Prolific offender identified following local BCRP intelligence briefing!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Safer Business Network would like to share a good news story regarding the identification of a prolific ID-Sought offender, after being recognised from a recent local intelligence briefing organised by our Lambeth BCRP.

Our Safer Lambeth Partnership delivers a bi-monthly ‘Friday Night Briefing’, held in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, providing information to members on local crime trends, crime prevention information, and intelligence regarding offenders engaging in crime and disorder impacting the Night-Time Economy business community.

The offender was most recently reported to the BCRP after attempting to break into the back of house area of a member’s premises on Brixton Road. Members were concerned that the suspect may strike again.

Following circulation of the briefing, a Police colleague confirmed the suspect’s identity, having recently detained him after a stop and search under Section 23 Misuse of drugs act. It has since come to light that the offender is also known for other prior offences.

This is a brilliant example of intelligence sharing between our partners and businesses, assisting in the identification of a persistent offender, who’s face and name is now known to all of our members.

Another day, another great result!

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