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NICRP & its success

Every day we rely on essential utilities and services to make journeys, call friends, work, go shopping and for our leisure. What has this got to do with infrastructure you may well ask? Well just imagine if the communication equipment at your local telephone exchange was compromised by an act of vandalism or theft. The knock-on effect would be more than you may initially consider. We are talking about those services such as:

  • Telephone, broadband and mobile networks

  • Communication to the emergency services and energy companies

  • Essential healthcare services

  • Train journeys

  • Chip and pin services

  • ATM cash machines

  • Education - schools, colleges, and universities

  • Service industries - taxis and home delivery

In 2021, following Home Office funding, the National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership (NICRP) was introduced. Based on the business crime reduction partnership model operated by Safer Business Network, but with a national aspect focusing purely infrastructure crime and those industries that are affected:

  • Power providers

  • Communication Networks

  • Railway and transport including catalytic converter theft

  • Agriculture and plant

  • Heritage and places of worship

The NICRP connects those industries who provide our national infrastructure to law enforcement agencies:

  • Every six weeks the NICRP host an industry meeting to discuss crime matters affecting the group. The Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP) provide a tactical assessment which is then made available to members using our secure website

  • Following on from this, the NICRP host a tactical meeting whereby all law enforcement agencies and police forces are invited. They are briefed regarding matters arising from the industry meeting and along with an additional intelligence presentation are best informed on how to allocate resources where appropriate in their area of responsibility

  • The NICRP deliver their bespoke training course to police and other agencies who have responsibility for enforcement regarding scrap metal legislation

To find out more please visit our website at or if you are interested in becoming a member you can email us at

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