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Let's End Violence and Abuse Towards Retail Workers

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The Home Affairs Committee published its report on Violence and Abuse Towards Retail Workers at the end of June. We very much welcomed the recognition of the role that BCRPs play in keeping retail workers safe.

In summary, the Committee called for:

  • Improvements in reporting and responding to violence and assaults against shopworkers, with local police leadership in this area urgently required;

  • Police and Crime Commissioners to work with local retailers to establish or strengthen Business Crime Reduction Partnerships in every area;

  • A renewed focus and action on the causes of retail crime, eg. drugs, with resources to tackle these at root;

  • Additional protection in law for retail workers, who are at the front line of enforcing age-restricted sales and restricted goods;

  • A new stand alone offence for violence and abuse against retail staff.

As the leading BCRP for London, we will continue to champion our work as part of the above and delivery local messages raising awareness of violence in the workplace as part of the national #ShopKind campaign.

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