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It is Never ‘Just a Shoplifter’

‘What is the point?’ Is the most common answer when you ask a business if a shoplifting offence has been reported to the police. The point is that a low-level crime incident can hide a much bigger criminal. As advised in our training, our BCRP member called the police via the town link radio over a low value theft offence and the local SNT attended promptly. Following a police check, the petty criminal was discovered to be much more: a wanted burglar.

Shoplifting is often seen as a victimless crime that causes little damage, but it is important to remember that behind a shoplifter, a much more serious criminal could be hiding. Career criminals are usually experts in more than one field, committing perceived low level crime in the morning and more serious offenses during the rest of the day, indicating that reporting low level crime helps in bringing serious criminal to justice.

Alessandra, SBN manager said:

‘It’s always great when everything goes even better than the plan: a stop was made by one of our businesses, the police were called and attended and discovered the offender is wanted for burglary. Arrest such as this instantly improves our members satisfaction in our service and, more importantly confidence in the police. It is always fantastic to see how much can be achieved ‘just’ using real time communication (our radio network) and partnership work.’

Remember, no crime is too small to not be reported.

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