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Highly Commended at the Fraud Awards 2021

One of our BCRPs, Safer Lewisham BCRP, has been awarded with a Highly Commended award at the Fraud Awards ceremony on the 2nd of December 2021 in Leicester.

We received the award for our commitment and work we do on a daily basis to keep vulnerable people away from harm, upskilling businesses in identify signs of vulnerabilities and providing them with tools that offers a better and effective way of communicating with the local policing team.

Following concerns from our members in a rise of younger, more vulnerable offenders, Safer Lewisham has been working with the UK Children’s Society, supporting their #LookCloser campaign, which encourages everyone to learn the signs of child exploitation and how to report it, particularly signs of grooming, trafficking or coercion into committing offences. Modern slavery, sexual exploitation and County Lines offences are serious crimes, that have a devastating impact on our communities and the lives of young people. For businesses, they can be difficult to detect – signs of exploitation aren’t always obvious, and young people may not ‘appear vulnerable’ or ‘act like a victim’ – but vigilance from concerned business staff can be vital in protecting young people from risk and harm.

Our partnership work with the business community aims to support staff both in preventing and reporting crime, particularly those often regarded as low level like shoplifting, and being confident and equipped to deal with more serious issues. Our constant message is one of reinforcing to businesses that no crime is ‘too small’ to report, and what appears to be a £15 shoplifting offence, can in fact be a serious web of complex safeguarding issues. In recent months, we have proven this importance through amazing partnership work with police and businesses with arrests of offenders initially stopped for low-value theft but upon police checks were wanted for robbery, burglary and failure to appear.

We are extremely pleased that our work has been recognised and we’d like to thank you all partners and businesses involved: you won this award.

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