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Hard Work Pays Off in Edmonton

We are proud to announce that we reached our first, second and third milestone at once with Safer Edmonton.

It is always a good feeling when hard work pays off. After the past year of hard and tiring work of gathering intelligence of the most prolific and persistent offenders, we have got enough intelligence from our members to issue 3 of our Exclusion Notice to our most troubling offenders. These civil injunctions are prohibiting these offenders to enter our business members premises for a period of 12 months. If any intelligence of breach of our civil ban is reported back to us, can be escalated to the police for the next level enforcement notice of Community Protection Warning (CPW) that can lead toward a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

This really shows what a strong business community could achieve working together. Businesses are key in our success as they are the one in the first line and without their will and cooperation, the business community would turn into an easy target.

We cannot wait to see the businesses thrive in a safer and connected environment, where offenders are not welcome.

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