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An Amazing Community Engagement Event in Edmonton Green

Updated: May 31

On Saturday the 21st of May 2022 a community engagement event took place at the North Square of Edmonton Green Shopping Centre.

Edmonton Unites was the idea of PC Torre-Lopez and PC Magee, two of the local Town Centre Metropolitan Police team who are passionate about making the area safer and inclusive.

The purpose of the event was to bring together all the community groups in the area, supported by Edmonton Green shopping centre and local organisations Northside Youths and Platinum Performing Arts.

The local town centre police team led the event, and they were down on the ground engaging with local residents in order to start changing the perceptions of the police and show they are here to help and make a difference. Part of their engagement was to also highlight local organisations and show they are partnering with multiple groups which are right on the doorstep of our community providing support services and opportunities to the younger members of the area.

The day was a mix of planned entertainment provided by Platinum Performing Arts and an open platform for audience members to show their talents. From children having dance battles to participants surprised the crowd with their amazing singing voice, just as the Police team did with PC Jefferson serenading the crowd with some carnival fuelled tunes. The day was a fun packed day. Even the Town Centre Police team showed their dance skills with a fantastic group dance routine.

The feedback from the residents, businesses and visitors were all positive and everyone could feel the fun, the vibe, and the happiness in the air.

The words "Community" and "Collaboration" are thrown around a lot but seeing every aspect of Edmonton come together was truly wonderful and gives real hope that change will happen.

It was an event with an inclusive and positive vibe and Safer Business Network are looking forward to being part of future events to support our communities.

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