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A Well-Timed Success for Safer Business Network

As we quickly approach the scheduled lifting of the Government lockdown and subsequent reopening of businesses, Safer Business Network has been working London-wide to prepare its members in all of its boroughs through training, webinars, crime prevention advice, and most importantly continuing to support staff to report crime they experience. We are delighted to announce that we have proved once again that hard work and detailed intelligence sharing pays off, as one of the most prolific offenders in one of our boroughs has just been issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

The individual was brought to the attention of Safer Lewisham BCRP in July 2019 as a persistent shoplifter and a detriment to the business community; from then, we worked diligently with our members, collaborating with CCTV and the Lewisham Shopping Centre security team to first identify this offender and then monitor his criminal behaviour. Excellent engagement with the BCRP radio meant that businesses throughout Lewisham were kept informed of any sightings of this offender and were empowered to report details of any disruption he caused to their customers, stock and staff on our secure intelligence platform. We have consistently shared this detailed intel with the police, and over the last 18 months this has led to multiple arrests and the issuing of a Community Protection Warning (CPN[W]) and a Community Protection Notice (CPN).

The BCRP, in partnership with the Met, presented a request for further enforcement to be undertaken, in order that we could bring this offender to justice and protect our business community from his aggressive and prolific criminal behaviour. While this request was considered, we continued appealing to our business community for intelligence and supporting them in reporting relevant incidents, as well as sharing frequent secure updates on his behaviour and criminal activity in the borough. Finally, at a recent court appearance, this individual was issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), which imposes stringent restrictions and prohibits him from entering the business premises most severely affected by his behaviour.

Gary Humm, Deputy Facilities Manager for Lewisham Shopping Centre, said:

“I’m very pleased to hear that one of our prolific offenders has finally been issued a CBO – this should prevent our front line staff from physical and verbal abuse. Also our brand partners are feeling a sense that all their reporting does go a long way to issuing criminal behaviour orders to persistent offenders.

Alessandra Valencic, Safer Lewisham BCRP Manager, said:

‘This marks the end of a long journey that wouldn’t have been possible without the partnership approach Lewisham is embedded in. The BCRP built that bridge between the business community and the police, feeding back all progress that was made on the case, showcasing the importance of crime reporting and that hard work always pays off. Timing the success just before the reopening is going to send a strong signal to criminals – we don’t tolerate this type of behaviour and we will tirelessly report business crime, building that confidence we need in making Lewisham a safer place.’

All parties involved have put immense effort into ensuring this offender’s criminal behaviour has been recorded and processed, with the end goal of preventing him from any further disruption in Lewisham, which has now been issued in the form of this long-awaited CBO. We are extremely grateful and pleased that, with the help of the BCRP, Lewisham’s business community has been strengthened and protected from crime once again, especially in such a vulnerable and uncertain time.

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