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What is the true cost of Retail Crime?

Safer Business Network would like to highlight the latest findings from the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) annual Retail Crime Survey in 2019.

According to the findings, the combined cost of spending on crime prevention and losses from crime to the industry is a staggering £1.9 billion, which according to findings has increased by 12% from the previous year (£1.7bn). Possibly the most alarming fact from the findings is that 115 retail employees were attacked at work every day. The report found that violence and abuse remain the key crime concern and show a continued increase.

In total, there were recorded 42,000 violent incidents in the retail sector last year. However, looking in more details at the nature of these incidents there was an increasing trend towards incidents becoming more violent and frightening, with an increasing willingness to use weapons to intimidate even for relatively small amounts.

Safer Business Network is determined to see business crime as a priority on the political and local levels. We are working in partnership with businesses and the police to ensure this issue gets the attention it deserves. Our BCRP radio system and DISC intelligence sharing platform are both tools that are being utilised to help keep business crime at the relevant level it needs to be at, and this is all down to our proactive members playing there part to keep their local communities safe.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can assist you or work in partnership with you to help reduce business crime.


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