What do you get from membership?


By joining a BCRP in your borough, your business will become part of a wider partnership network, working together to make your area flourish, safe from crime. For only £10.50 a week you benefit from the following services provided by the Safer Business Network:

  • A dedicated, expert local BCRP team, championing local priorities and the needs of the business community.

  • A digital radio handset, with access to a network connecting you with other businesses, security teams, policing teams and local authority CCTV (if applicable). 

  • Access to a GDPR compliant, secure password-protected intranet to share and receive details and photographs of prolific offenders, organised criminal networks and Criminal Behaviour Order nominals operating within your community. The intranet is available in app form for smartphone use.  

  • Instant communication of key alerts, public order events and crime prevention messages to help protect your business.

  • Access to ShopWatch, PubWatch or intelligence briefings to inform security teams and business-members about risks and threats in the community.

  • Free safety and security training, on a wide range of topics, to safeguard your venue, staff and customers against business crime.

  • Membership to the Exclusion Notice Scheme, which bans prolific offenders from entering BCRP member's premises in the event of repeat offending.

  • A monthly newsletter to keep you informed on local news.

  • Access to a range of partners, stakeholders and security professionals linked to our partnerships.

To join a local partnership, click the ‘Join’ button or tab.