Does your business have a ‘Sixty Second Security' plan?

Safer Business Network would like to reveal what questions should be asked for the ‘Sixty Second Security’ plan which improves reactions to emergency situations. Counter-Terrorism Policing are asking businesses to think about their contingency plans , asking them to draw up a ‘Sixty Second Security’ plan which has the power to improve their reaction to emergency situations. Designed to be a quick checklist, it requires businesses to ensure all their staff know the answers to simple questions such as: Who is appointed to make decisions on the shop floor, and do they know what they’re doing? How do you enter and exit the building in an emergency? How do you lock down quickly? Where can you hid

Ask for Angela

Safer Business Network support the 'Ask for Angela' campaign and we are working with all our license premises members to with adopt it to help prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. By telling customers that they can ‘Ask for Angela’ we’re giving them a discreet codeword that they can give to staff if they feel unsafe or threatened. Posters making them aware of this will be displayed in toilets.

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