Now is the opportunity to work together to promote a positive image and raise standards in the London event scene.

The Safer Sounds Partnership wants to create a partnership across the music industry which promotes consistency of approach by all, information sharing and support venues and promoters to create a safer event scene in London.


  • Our Partnership will give you access to a wealth of knowledge, best practice and intelligence from a range of operators and promoters across London

  • You will gain grassroots training which aims to increase confidence in your business and improve the way you operate.

  • We will bring you together with key decision makers to share your views, opinions and ideas.

    • The Great London Authority

    • The Night Czar

    • Met Police Licensing Governance & Partnership Hub

    • Met Police Borough Licensing teams

    • Met Police Business Crime Hub

    • Local Authority Licensing

  • This is a chance to engage with a partnership which drives business profits, reduces business losses and support the industry to ensure events can go ahead.

strong partnership

By creating a strong multi-agency partnership, which brings together the music industry, venues and promoters with Police and Local Authorities, we can create a more positive response to the London scene.


This will ensure there are a diverse range of events and experiences for people to enjoy.


Information is key.


We will develop an intelligence process to allow sharing of intelligence safely between venues, promoters and the Police.


We will develop a framework which empowers and supports venues and event organisers to plan and  risk assess their own events and respond accordingly.

Vulnerability Initiatives

No one should be vulnerable in one of London’s events.


We will promote vulnerability awareness across operators and promoters and adapt current initiatives to better suit need.

Venue and Promoters Charter

We want to increase confidence in London’s music events by producing a promoters’ and venues’ charter which sets out an agreed set of standards which promoters and venues operate to.

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